Terms of Reference

This document describes the purpose and structure of our Group, to share best practice and provide safe practice based on best available evidence, and to participate in high quality research, through the provision of a network of professionals providing services for children & adolescents with epilepsy across the South East Thames region. Click here.

Sponsorship Policy

This policy has been established to protect SETPEG and our patients and to prevent bias in decisions made about patient care and the preferential use of a sponsoring company’s product. Click here.


A diagramatical description of the structure of SETPEG. Click here.

Working Group Members and Portfolios

These SETPEG members have been elected to work towards set goals. Click here.

Membership criteria

This document gives you the criteria, benefits, expectations and cost of becoming a member of SETPEG. This document should be considered when submitting your application to join. Click here.



Dr Dennis Grigoratos, Level 3 South Wing, Princess Royal University Hospital, Farnborough Common, Orpington BR6 8ND

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