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Having a child with epilepsy should not stop you from travelling and this includes trips via airplane and abroad. However, it is important to be prepared. Before you travel makes sure that you have:

1. More medications than the amount you need for your trip in case your time away is prolonged due to unforeseen circumstances. Also separate medications between hand luggage and hold luggage in case you lose one or the other.

2. Clinic letters and paperwork to justify you carrying medications through airport checks (some antiepileptic medications are controlled).

3. An emergency careplan in case your child has a seizure while abroad or while travelling (including during a flight). Also make sure you have any emergency medications on you at all times.

4. Adequate travel insurance to cover you in case you need medical services while abroad.

5. A plan on how to gradually adjust the time you give medications in case you are travelling to a destination with a significant time difference from the UK.


- From Epilepsy Action

- From Epilepsy Society

epipack - travel: Image
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