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To share best practice and provide safe practice based on best available evidence, and to participate in high quality research, through the provision of a network of professionals providing services for children & adolescents with epilepsy across the South East Thames region.


  • To work with service users to improve and sustain high quality care

  • To develop and disseminate clinical guidelines, care pathways and protocols based on best available evidence.

  • To optimise communication with and disseminate information for professionals, children and teenagers with epilepsy and their families.

  • To recognise and provide appropriate responses to local, regional & national changes in NHS policy including NICE, NSF & MRHA alerts

  • To promote and participate in audit at local, regional and national level.

  • To promote collaboration with research at regional, national and international level.

  • To provide a high quality teaching and training program in the region, including close links with the national PET program.

  • To link with professionals involved in adult epilepsy services with a view to improving and maintaining high

  • Quality transition arrangements.

  • To provide close links with the National Epilepsy Interest Group and other regional groups

  • To raise awareness at regional and national level of standards of service provision & to be the point of reference for commissioners.


Working Group members to have a named specific portfolio. Chair is responsible for extending regular invitation to membership (see below). Appointment should be approved by quorate Working Group. Working Group member profiles to be posted on open section of website.

No fixed terms of office, with exception of committee members, but membership to be reviewed annually.

Working Group should include members below as a minimum, but roles not mutually exclusive. Additional Working Group members, including young people if appropriate, or clinical trainees, could be co-opted for specific tasks.

  • Chair

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Audit Lead/s

  • 2 Clinical leads for Acute & Community Paediatrics

  • Community/School Nurse Representative; portfolio to include advocacy and information sharing with nursing and allied health professionals and working with clinical leads as appropriate

  • Specialist Epilepsy Nurse Lead/s; portfolio to include information sharing with nursing and allied health professionals and working with clinical leads

  • Research Lead/s

  • Teaching and Training Lead/s

  • Voluntary Sector Representative/s; portfolio to include representing service users and voluntary organisations to aid discussion and appropriate decision making, and working with clinical leads as appropriate

  • Website lead



  • Chair

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

Committee members to be elected every 2 years from members of Working Group, at staggered times.

General membership

To include the Working Group and professionals with responsibility for children’s and adolescent epilepsy in the South East Thames Region. Applications to be encouraged, as appropriate, by all existing members and on the website. Applications to be submitted on application form to Secretary, and approved by quorate Working Group. Honorary membership is by invitation from quorate Working Group.


  • Bank account to be kept in name of ‘South East Thames Paediatric Epilepsy Group’ with Treasurer & Chair as joint signatories.

  • Membership fees to be agreed annually at autumn meeting by quorate Working Group

  • Fees paid to speakers to be agreed annually at autumn meeting by quorate Working group

  • Commercial sponsorship for meetings, literature and posters to be accepted in accordance with SETPEG Sponsorship Policy

Income from other sources, and outgoings, to be agreed by Treasurer and Chair as a minimum and taken to Working Group where there is any potential for conflict of interest QUORUM A quorum of six members, including one committee member, will be recognised as able to represent the Working Group for approving membership, clinical guidelines/information leaflets, and funding decisions

- Terms of Reference: About Us
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